Company management system

The direction of SB Peterle Srl, maintain the company management system integrated with the occupational health and safety management according to the UNI-INAIL Guidelines in full compliance with norms on the subject, through the three-year renewal of the certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 in 2012 and confirmed by annual surveillance audit of last November.

The specific objectives are defined annually during the review of the Management System and achieved using various resources (organizational, instrumental and economic) with the support of business organizations and external entities.

The main objective is to provide our customers processes and services that meet their needs and expectations in accordance with the requirements imposed by applicable laws, industry standards and the legislation on the environment and occupational safety and health.

Safeguarding the health and safety of workers is achieved through:

  • proper management of sites
  • timely maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • targeted purchases of tools that allow the execution of the works simply and safely
  • employee surveillance during work activities, taking care to recall any risky behavior
  • constant updating on the risks they face while working through staff training on safety standards within the establishments where they operate
  • training courses, information and exercises in accordance with the duties given by the personnel in charge
  • regular updating according to applicable law.

The Organization of participatory Personnel type behaviors and attitudes (even by the Representative of Workers’ Safety) according to their functions and responsibilities, through the suggestions for preventive actions in order to significantly reduce the likelihood of occurrence of accidents, injuries and other non-compliance.

The Policy, Objectives and implementation of the management system are periodically reviewed by identifying / promoting interventions aimed at continuous improvement of safety and health at work and the quality of the service provided.

The management and all employees, at every level, respecting this Policy and all decisions, organizational and technical actions taken:

  • give their concrete contribution in the improvement of business management
  • ensure their safety and that of people with whom they operate
  • meet customer expectations
  • allow the company to continue to operate on the domestic and foreign market.